Argus Cosmetics

At Argus, our aim is to create an environment that attracts the best talent, and to make our employees the spokepersons of our brand.

We believe in the infinite potential of the human spirit and we want to work with people who care, collaborate and create change, both within the company and beyond. These are the qualities that we look for in our employees that has built the culture at Argus into what it is today.


We are always keen to work with people who help us grow. Collaboration brings out the best in us, sharing of ideas and experiences across the company will only help us become bigger and better.

Change Makers

We have got to where we are by never settling for the status quo. We are on the lookout for people who are ready to do things differently, find a new way, a better way. These are the high energy change makers who will go the distance and not only change our company for the better but the industry as well.


Our culture is all about creators. By creating something new and innovative in the market, we were able to carve out a niche for ourselves. And we want more people who are willing to take chances like this to lead us in the future.
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