Argus Cosmetics

Z Magnetism for Men

The international fragrance of Z Magnetism for Men has a unique, transparent, sheer scent that leaves a lingering impact on the discerning man.

Z Talc

Z talc was the first product from Argus and was created with a fragrance that’s as distinctive as its packaging. Created in shades of black, gold and burgundy, the exclusivity of the fragrance is denoted by the can itself. The fragrance is moody and rich, with an aura of sophistication and elegance.

Z Deo

The Z Deodorant Body Spray was launched in 1997 and it has a uniquely distinctive fragrance. It creates a sense of freshness on the body when sprayed and it has a lingering fragrance that lasts all day long. It imbibes the wearer with a sense of confidence and enhances his magnetic appeal.

Z Soap

The Z Soap was launched in 2002 as a premium soap that has a rich, luxurious feel and classic fragrance which embodies the magnetic aura of the deo. When used in the shower, Z Soap not only leaves you feeling refreshed but also creates thoroughly luxurious moments of pure indulgence.

Z Icon

The fragrance of Icon has an unusual and irresistible scent, it is in the ‘gourmand’ category which makes it a fragrance that you feel like devouring.

Icon Talc

As the name suggests, Icon is a fragrance created for a man who makes an impression wherever he goes. Icon has a fragrance that is as irresistible as it is powerful.

Icon Deo

Distinctive and designed for the modern man, Icon deo recreates the fragrance of the talc and hits all the right notes. It leaves you with a feeling of freshness and its fragrance lingers all day long.


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