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We are Argus

Founded by the shared vision of four brothers, Argus leadership team has been responsible for driving its growth and strategizing.


They say, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invincible to others”, the story of Argus began on one such note. Started in the year of 1992 by four enterprising brothers, they saw what several leading companies of that time failed to see –A growing need to service the male grooming sector. This simple idea metamorphosed into the passion of their lives and led to the launch of one of the first premier brands of India – Z: Magnetism for Men.

Over the 2 decades of its existence, Argus has augmented its presence by diversifying into various products like Talc, Soap & Deodorants. Driven by its customer centric approach and the intent to constantly innovate, today, Z: Magnetism for Men is a widely accepted brand across India.

As other brands finally wake up to the need of distinguishing the grooming needs between “his” and “hers”, Argus continues to extrapolate its vision and looks forward to serving customers globally in the near future.

The Team

Argus is the true embodiment of the saying “ Whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Led by the collective leadership of Sunder, Guna, Mohan and Shivaram, each of them are an irrepressible part of what Argus is today. Their steadfast commitment to the vision and the faith in their product has helped them tide over many rough seas. They continue to hold the helm at Argus, working together to realize a common goal.

Team Member
Chief Strategist

Sunder operates as the chief strategist for Argus. He plays a major role in drafting the plans for the company with his sharp entrepreneurial acumen. He is an audacious dreamer, who loves traveling and is passionate about putting his ideas into action. He believes learning is a continuous process and leaves no stone unturned to purse this philosophy of his.

Team Member

Gunashekar is the guy behind the numbers. He heads the finance department of the company. He started out as a Chartered Accountant by profession and gained valuable experience during his years at M/s. Muller & Phipps India Limited. He works day in and day out charting the growth of Argus.

Team Member
Sales & Administration

Mohan is an expert in behavioral competency. With over ten years of experience with IDBI, he now pursues his long lost passion for sales. He is also in charge of the hundreds of employees at Argus and is constantly on the lookout for recruiting new talent to the company.

Team Member
Marketing & Quality Assurance

Although a Chartered Accountant by profession, Shivaram’s heart lingers in the world of fragrances. He is charged with the responsibilities of product development and marketing. He also is the person behind Argus’s stellar customer service and makes sure no queries go unanswered.

Our Profile

Argus is about resilience, resilience that stems from the deep seated faith in our product.

Our story so far ..

Argus has chartered exponential growth over the past decade achieving important milestones along the way. Revenue has doubled over the past 5 years from INR 300 million in 2009 to INR 746 million towards the end of 2013.

The numbers have been made possible because of the mammoth production capacity of Argus. The Z-Talc manufacturing factories have an installed capacity of 7500 tonnes per annum, at the rate of 25 tonnes per day, while the Z-Soap factories have an installed capacity of 5000 tonnes per annum at the rate of 16 tonnes per day. Argus also has strategic partnerships with manufacturers from across the world to make sure that their production does not get hampered.

All of this is backed up by a strong grass root level presence with over 81 Super Stockist and over 2300 Redistribution Stockists (RDS) panning India. Argus is one of the few companies that can boast of a credible presence in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

With the right infrastructure and delivery network already in place, Argus is on the right path to scale never seen before heights.








Have a look at our achievement through the years.

Our Timeline

Birth of the “Z” brand. Company’s first product Z Talc is launched in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, marks a new beginning in the male grooming sector of India.
Facing the pangs of a newly incorporated company, Argus receives its first private equity, giving it the escape velocity to be projected in league with the “big boys”.
As the market base of Z Talc increased year on year, Z Deo was launched with an eye on the future. It helped diversify the product line of the company.
Facing a rough patch, Argus receives its first External Commercial Borrowing. With additional funds, a sense of insurgence seeps into Argus and the company hasn’t looked back ever since.
Argus evolves its business model and migrates from using sub-contractors to its own production facility. In one clean stroke, this allows Argus to be rid of the extra baggage and puts it on course for unprecedented growth. All the decisions of previous years start to show benefits and Argus is able to spring to its full potential. Z Soap is launched this year, allowing Argus to enter a market with limitless growth potential. Almost immediately, Z Soap makes a niche for itself.
Taking advantage of the global markets, Argus joins hands with strategic partners from China. They begin importing tin cans for talc, from China. As expected, this strategic decision relieved the company from pressures of local procurement and resulted in being a game changer.
A new fully automatic manufacturing factory set up at Uttarakhand, effectively doubles the production capacity.

Touched INR 746 million turnover mark and continues to proliferate in revenue and customer satisfaction.


Launch of Icon – A fresh new variant with a compelling fragrance complementing our existing line of male care products.

Our Products

Nothing less than the best suffices when it comes to our products.

Z Fragrance

Inspired from global trends, Z with its transparent, sheer fragrance leaves a lasting, lingering impact. This unique fragrance is made of spicy, woody and floral notes and although positioned as a male centric fragrance, it appeals to men and women alike.

Z Talc
  • Z Talc

    The flagship product of Argus, it was made with the intention to stand out. Giving a sense of affluence, its fragrance is as inviting as it is distinct. It gives a sense of exclusivity and richness that is rightly complemented by its packaging. It is available in a sturdy metallic container having shades of burgundy, black and gold. Z Talc is currently available in 4 sizes: 20g, 50g, 100g and 200g in over 6 lakh outlets in India.

Z Soap
  • Z Soap

    ‘Z’ soap was launched in 2002 as a premium grade-1 soap. Unlike hordes of soaps out there, Z Deo Soap boasts of a total fatty matter (TFM) of 78%. Apart from it being a deodorizer the soap also contains moisturizers & emollients that keeps the skin constantly nourished.
    Z Deo Soap is available in 30gms, 75gms, 125gms and a combo pack of 75gms across 450,000 retail outlets across the country.

Icon Fragrance

Icon talc/deo is specifically designed for the young, trendy and irresistibly charming man, who has a need to always be in the right place at the right time. The product has an unusual and enticing scent of fresh bergamot and green tones of rhubarb, enriched with spicy rum. This kind of fragrance falls under the “gourmand” category that often provokes a spontaneous - “I can eat his arm off” response, highlighting the inextricable bond between fragrance and taste.

Icon Talc
  • Icon Talc

    Launched in Nov 2013, it is available in sizes of 50grams, 100grams & 200 grams.


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